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Online Grief Group support for widowed young, widower, widow, widowed parent | Balanced Wheel | BW






I unexpectedly found myself as a single parent with a bereaved family. With no fault of mine, I became a young widowed, widower, a male widow who has had some bereavement support and bereavement help from my support network following the death of my young spouse, Chidinma Olajide (onuzo). I am learning to deal with the grief of the loss of a spouse, in my case, the loss of a wife. I have found various online and offline people with grief in common. I have discovered some really useful grief resources which I intend to share with Balanced Wheel | Bw's online communities. I found speaking with those who have experienced loss especially those with similar type have been extremely helpful in my healing journey. I also found that there are different types of grief which in turn affects how we respond and react to our losses.

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We believed that we were going to grow old together. We were still in the early stages of our marriage. We started a family; we were looking forward to a full life together. We dreamt of growing old together and seeing our children forge their own paths.


I was still married when I woke up on 30th March 2020. I found myself abruptly as a widower when I was informed that my wife. Chidinma Olajide had died. My status unwillingly changed from being married to being a widowed young, widowed parent, grieving single father, etc.


Grieving is often done in private. I am on a journey to find healing, sustain hope, and aim to grow through this trauma that I have experienced.

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