About Us

On the 30th of March, 2020 my life completely changed forever. My wife, confidant, and best friend, Chidinma, passed away due to a brief illness. To say that the death of my spouse has rocked my world would be putting it lightly - the transition from a happy family with two amazing children (2 years and 4 months old) to single parenthood is something I never thought to even prepare for.  Our world has changed forever, and I have been experiencing a range of emotions I never even knew was possible. 


In trying to make sense of my grief, loss, and bereavement, and my readjusting journey to wholeness, I decided to start Balanced Wheel - a platform where I share my honest experience with the grief of loss as a black ethnic minority widowed and young father from Nigeria. Navigating my new normal as a single parent, and everything else in between through blog posts, videos, and eventually, a community. 

In addition to sharing my journey, I believe that many of the resources I've discovered deserve a wider audience since I found that the necessary information for bereavement and grief work is scattered and also there’s limited information for Black ethnic minority widowed young parents like myself.


I am discovering some really useful information and resources about grief, loss, and transition which I am finding valuable. I intend to share them here so that others who require bereavement support or in a position to help someone bereaved or bereaved family can find and use them, perhaps more easily and more quickly than I am doing.


I am hoping that this website doesn’t remain a blog but transcends into a vibrant online community where anyone affected by grief, loss and for individuals, families, and communities providing bereavement help can find healing, sustain hope, and aim to thrive as we journey together towards wholeness.


Like an online grief group support hub for anyone widowed young, widow, widower, widowed parent and to also offer to support their various families and friends’ network.

I look forward to you joining me on this journey as I share about my life as a young widower and as a young widowed parent.

Tolulope Olajide, Chidinma Olajide, Balanced Wheel,